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The total area of the sugar  factory  in this agro-industry is 38 hectares and its infrastructure area is 53,600 square meters. The construction of this factory was started in 1999. In the first phase of the program, in 2008, a raw sugar production plant with a capacity of 100,000 tons was put into operation. In 2011, a refinery sugar factory with a capacity of 175,000 tons was built and put into operation.

The activities of the factory in the industrial sector began by receiving sugarcane from the agricultural sector, which, after going through various steps and performing the necessary interactions on it, resulted in the production of crystal sugar under the Zarrin Daneh brand.

Industry subdivisions

Production department:

Production department  as a subset of  the industry devision. is the responsible for receiving  the raw materials and processing it for the factory and producing the final product and includes mill house, raw sugar, sugar refinery, pharma sugar and lime kiln departments.

Milling house of the factory is made by SKODA from Czech Republic. it includes five lines of six rollers mills that extracts juice from 454 tons/ hour of sugarcane by a shredder and two knives. The Milling house includes the preparation part, as well. In this part the levellers levels the height of sugarcane on conveyers . Next , shredder crashes the cane in cotton shape. In the extraction part , the crashed canes are transferred to the mills by conveyers to extract the juice after passing  5 times milling steps.

This department with producing 1000 tons raw sugar per day by physical and chemical methods, Separates the concentrate  and flooted substances in the juice by phisycal and

Chemical methodes and produces the raw sugar after concentration and crystalisation processes.

This part is capable to produce 600 tons white sugar per day. in this part, after physical and Chemical operations, refining and decolorization processes , crystalisation processes , and passing the centrifuge machines , drying and packing steps, the produced raw sugar turns into white sugar.

Production capacity of this part is 12.500 tons per yaear. in this part the white sugar in perfect grade of  , is separated and transfered to the packings part. In this part , which includes clean room class  D level according to GMP standard , filling , packing, palletizing and … are carried out automatically in special area and condition.

This part of the factory is made by Eberhart company and is capable to process 58

Tons of limestone per day. In this part Co2  gas and milk of lime are produced , which are used during raw and white sugar producing processes.

Energy management department:

Another one of the management departments in the scope of industry is energy management department. The mentioned department with authority on diverse divisions such as steam generators, power plant, water and wastewater treatment, mist cooling system, … is liable for providing the required energy for the factory and optimal energy consumption surveillance.

Two sets of steam generators has been erected by Foster Wheeler Spain Company. The capacity of each of the boilers is 165 Ton/hr superheated steam at 380 Centigrade and 31 atm which is used for providing the energy necessities of sugar production train.

Included of two sets of turbo generators manufactured by Skoda Company from Czech Republic. Each of the generators is capable to generate 4800 kW power @ 6600 Volts, 50 Hz electricity at 1500 rpm rotary speed. In addition to the mentioned generators, 2 sets of diesel generators manufactured by DEUTZ Company from Germany has been installed which can generate 750 KW power @ 400 Volts and 500 Hz individually. The recent generators have been installed for emergency cases.

The Capacity of the treatment plant is 825 m3/hr and has been intended to provide 500 m3/hr utility water for industrial usages, 50 m3/hr potable water and 275 m3/hr as firefighting and irrigation water.

The mentioned plant has been erected at 2009. The plant capacity is 250 m3/day and is included of 3 individual packages with 83 m3/day capacity for each of them. The treatment method for the plant is extended aeration activated sludge. The mentioned process has been developed just after biofilter method and has been formed based on floating biological growth (microbial mass immersed in wastewater) which are active in the decomposition of organic matter in wastewater solutions.

The wastewater treatment plant has been designed and provided by a Belgium company called KEPPEL SEGHERS and has been erected and established in 2015 by some well experienced experts staff of the sugar cane company and native contractors on a field with 2.5 hectare area located at the eastern side of the sugar factory. The treatment method of the plant is a combined method included of aerobic and anaerobic treatment which can afford to treat 50 m3/hr wastewater (with pollution load of BOD 6000 mg/lit and COD 10000 mg/lit and 10 days retention time in equalization lagoon).

14 sets of condensation systems is used for vacuum creating in evaporation part of raw and white sugar production process. The maximum water utilization in this system is 8500 m3/hr. Even though the effluence water temperature rises up to 46 centigrade, however its chemical characteristic and of course its quantity and quality never changes. For preventing the losses of water and for energy saving observation, the effluent water flows into the inlet and outlet channels of the mist cooling system where the water temperature reduces to 31 centigrade and recycled again. This process leads to save about 204,000 m3/day.

Electricity Management Department:

This department is responsible for

The Repair, Maintenance and operation of the 6.6/0.4 kv and 33/6.6 kv power substations ,The Repair and Maintenance of the 33 KV power distribution grid in industrial and agricultural areas and The Repair and Maintenance of the sugar factory’s electrical equipment comprise more than 600 MV and LV electro motors, MV and LV power panels, the electromotor speed control devices.

Instrument Management Department:


This department is responsible for repairing and maintenance and calibration of measurement and process monitoring equipment, also repairing and maintenance of the factory automation systems and updating the concerned suitable software and hardware in compliance with technology progress and the factory ongoing processes.

Technical and Mechanical  management department:

The responsibility for planning and surveillance on all of the mechanical maintenance activities during cane crushing season and off season, annual overhaul, ordering, contracts and material request control of the industrial division are taken over by the mentioned department.

Quality control management:

Quality control management by possessing of vital departments such as chemical and microbiological laboratories and by utilizing of the state of the art equipment and laboratory tools and by employing of the expert native persons, takes over the task of controlling, measuring and monitoring of the raw materials, production train and final products of the company i.e. Zarin Daneh white sugar and pharma-sugar. On average, more than 4000 tests is done on 1400 specimens during a day by laboratory department.

Quality Control management laboratories:

The mentioned laboratories (chemical laboratory and microbiological laboratory) have been located in a field of 1008 square meter area completely separated from production department just on the north side of the factory. The laboratory design is based on GLP regulations and is included of microbial and chemical departments. The Hakim farabi agro-industry laboratory by obtaining the necessary permits from Iranian standard and industrial research organization, food and medicine organization and other reliable organizations and by using modern chemical, food and microbiological laboratories and more than 12 working experiences in field of quality control, provides the sampling, testing and quality control services based on four principles rules of truth, quality, precise and promptitude.

The chemical laboratory by utilizing the advanced devices (Polarimeter, spectrophotometer, refractometer apparatus and any other modern devices) performs the task of sampling from various steps of the production train and checking the results in conformity with the standard values during several working shift at 24 hours a day in order to deliver a qualified product to clients. The mentioned laboratory is capable to implement all of the chemical tests of pharma sugar on basis of various standards such as USP, BP, EP and issues a chemical analysis sheet for each of the pharmasugar production series. An experienced chemist person takes over the management of the mentioned laboratory.

In addition to the chemical laboratory, the microbiological laboratory equipped with Laminar Flow apparatus and all other modern devices established and is managed by an experienced microbiologist. In this department the microbial tests on the produced white sugar products, the produced raw sugar, potable water, sugarcane syrup and sanitary wastewater is performed by utilizing the qualified culture mediums and following the starting up the pharmasugar production train, the microbiolgical laboratory of the company developed the microbial tests of the pharmasugar based on diverse standards such as USP, BP, EP and accordingly, in addition to the total count of Mesophilic aerobic microbes, mold and yeast, the presence of pathogenic microorganisms such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas, Salmonella and Candida lbicans are cheched. The microbial tests of all utility water of the factory, the controlled pharmasugar packing environment, food and laboratory and finger test of the packing department are also performed in this laboratory.