Hakim Farabi Khuzestan Agro-industry Company

About Us

About Us

Hakim Farabi Agro-Industry Company is one of the companies affiliated with sugarcane and by-product development Company in Khuzestan province, that is addressed 35th km Ahvaz-Abadan road, east of Karun River.

Farabi was established  in 1994 and spread out in 15000 hectares. The main goals of Hakim Farabi Company are (1) the cultivation of sugarcane   and (2) the production of raw sugar, white (refined) sugar and pharma sugar .


Commencement of infrastructure operations and preparation of agricultural fields in 1994. The cultivation of sugarcane has been done since 1999. The area of arable fields is 12,000 hectares that divided into 497 plots with an average area 25 hectares for each plot.



The total area of the sugar factory in this agro-industry is 38 hectares and its infrastructure area is 53,600 square meters. The construction of this factory was started in 1999. In the first phase of the program, in 2008, a raw sugar production plant with a capacity of 100,000 tons was put into operation. In 2011, a refinery sugar factory with a capacity of 175,000 tons was built and put into operation.


Zarrin Daneh brand

The activities of the factory in the industrial sector began by receiving sugarcane from the agricultural sector, which, after going through various steps and performing the necessary interactions on it, resulted in the production of crystal sugar under the Zarrin Daneh brand.


Pharma Sugar Production

Production capacity of this part is 12.500 tons per year. In this part the white sugar in perfect grade of, is separated and transfered to the packing part. In this part, which includes clean room class D level according to GMP standard, filling, packing, palletizing and … are carried out automatically in special area and condition.


Production of special sugars

  • Flavored sugar
  • Sugar sachet
  • Inverter sugar or Liquid sugar
  • Powdered sugar